River Myth Mirrored Bodysuit

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Pink river dolphin, boto encantado, boto cor de rosa.

“The Boto Cor de Rosa is the legend of the pink dolphins in the Amazonian river. ... The dolphins are said to be enchanted shape-shifters that become young beaus at night and seduce women. The legend goes that Amazon Pink Dolphin becomes attractive to young men each evening to go to parties.“ -espressocomsaudade

10% of the profit from the AMAZÔNIKA collection will be reverted to Amazon communities. 

We celebrate Amazon. Part of the profit from this collection will be reverted to Amazon communities and also you can donate directly by clicking on the link below. 


When you travel to Amazon lookout for sustainable hotels(Juma Lodge) and travel agencies. Also, we offer the possibility of offsetting the carbon footprint by planting trees. Available at the checkout. 

As a business is challenging to make it perfect but we are beginning to look for solutions and take action in the right direction. 

Size: one size. 

If the product or your size is unavailable please sign up to notify me when back in stock on the product page.
Material: Rhinestones and mesh fabric. 
Care: Handwash only.